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Custom Process for Celebration Lanterns

Custom Process for Celebration Lanterns

Celebration lanterns have been recorded in traditional Chinese culture for more than 800 years. Hundreds of years of cultural heritage, innovation, and creation have bloomed with the splendid brilliance of traditional culture and modern civilization. Since ancient times, the meaning of lamps has been a symbol of light, hope, and beauty. In ancient times, there is an allusion to the history that using lanterns exorcises evil spirits. What is the custom process for holiday time lights manufacturer today?

1. Celebration lanterns renderings design

The design of personalised outdoor lantern renderings is customized according to the theme and cultural celebration of folk style in different regions. Generally, production companies will use their own unique system of rendering designs. In the past, hand-painting was used, but now digital virtual image simulation is used to sketch the idea into an image and show the desired visual effect.

2. The result-diagram design of celebration lanterns

Art lofting is a term used by celebration lanterns production companies. It is suitable for celebration lanterns customization. Lofting is actually painting, which not only requires the painter to have a solid art foundation but also has a certain understanding of the craftsmanship of the industry. The reference rendering is to draw the shape of the celebration lanterns to the ground in a 1:1 scale for the production staff to carry out the next production step. Lofting includes three views, technical drawing, and quantity description.

3. The fitter shape of celebration lanterns

According to the pattern completed by the artist, the fitter uses iron wire as the main material with different steel profiles as the supporting frame, and combines the plane lines with creative welding into a three-dimensional celebration lanterns shape. A qualified fitter shape can make up for the deficiencies of many art lofts. If the art lofting is the building foundation for the custom process of celebration lanterns, the fitter shape is the building frame. The two are complementary.

4. The fabric paper of celebration lanterns

The custom process of any celebration lanterns production company will need fabric papering but the fabric used by different lights is different. Fabric papering is the last step in the custom crafting process, and it is also a process of concealing ugliness. It seems simple to glue different fabrics into color-separated blocks to the fitter-shaped steel frame, but it is actually quite mysterious. There should be no extensive wrinkles, glue marks, and color errors when papering. The process is like tiling a building.

Celebration lanterns are not only common in domestic culture but also of great significance for creating new advantages in international cultural trade, building a new carrier for opening up and cooperation, and promoting a new enhancement of national communication and influence.