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Lantern project

Purchase lantern or Lantern Investment Project cooperation

China's traditional lantern culture is very popular among the people, whether in China or in other countries in the world. It has entered many countries and brought a very pleasant experience to the local people. If you also want to introduce your city or are  interested in  buying directly from us or cooperate each other .Please contact us freely.

For lantern show,Please note followings points :

Firlstly,The festival of lights different size, different needs lightshows site, generally 20 thousand square meters and above in the area, you can host the medium and above the Lantern exhibition. It’s better to be in a park or a tree and meadow where the water is better. In this way, we can combine the light group with the landscape landscape, and make the light scene blend. Secondly, in open land, such as stadium, District, square and so on; in addition, the large exhibition hall, outside, the Plaza in front of the mall and the field space, space and so on. There is a parking lot near the selected area, the traffic is convenient, the population is relatively centralized and other supporting public facilities are complete, so that the advantage of the site is more prominent.

Generally speaking, a medium-sized festival of lights event, the lamp group’s electricity is around 350kW, the large lantern is above 500kW, and the super size is near 1000kW.

Second:  Market investigation

The sponsor should make an analysis of the local market before the Lantern Festival is held. It includes: whether there is an appropriate site, how the power supply is, how the consumption level of the local and surrounding people is, and whether they like to see the Lantern Festival or what kind of Lantern Festival the masses need.

Third:  Lncome forecast, including: ticket income, advertising revenue, integrated operating income, and so on.

Fourth:  Determine the purpose, theme, time and place of holding the festival of lights.

Fifth:    Organize the organization of Lantern Association (the command of the lantern Association)