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What Benefits Will the Lantern Festival Display Bring to the Scenic Park Tourism

What Benefits Will the Lantern Festival Display Bring to the Scenic Park Tourism

The main purpose of the lantern display is to create a scenic park night view decoration, reflecting the unique tourism culture and improving the tourism highlights at the same time, to promote the tourism economy. From a commercial point of view, the animal lanterns display mainly brings five benefits for scenic park tourism.

1. The animal lanterns display promotes tourism

With the upgrading of the scenic park tourism industry, tourists have higher requirements. How to attract tourist is a serious problem in the tourism industry, which is nothing more than attracting, staying, and wanting to come again. The animal lanterns display will become a major highlight. As one of the main activities of the tourism landscape, it can not only improve the tourism activity of a scenic park but also create a new tourism economic growth point.

2. The animal lanterns display can retain visitors and improve the tourism economy

"Watch people during the day while leave at night" is the current tourism situation of many scenic parks. A sea of people crowds during the day but you will hear a pin drop at night, which is undoubtedly a great loss of tourism economy. The unique night scenery featured by the lantern display has become an ice-breaking move for the scenic park to retain tourists. Moreover, it also effectively disperses the flow of tourists and balances the rhythm of tourism.

3. The animal lanterns display develops the tourism

With the upgrading of tourism, more and more scenic spots and parks begin to decline. Too many homogeneous scenic spots make tourists appear "aesthetic fatigue", and eventually gradually decline. Scenic park tourism elements need urgent reform. Therefore, the cultural landscape formed by the animal lanterns display is emerged at the historic moment, for many tourism landscapes to bring new development opportunities.

4. The animal lanterns display drives tourism consumption

Night tour economy is a breakthrough of traditional tourism, and night is the golden time of tourism consumption. According to statistics, more than half of the tourism landscape economy can be obtained through night tourism. Daytime tourism tends to focus on sightseeing consumption while nighttime activities are quite different, including dinner, night snacks, bars, cultural performances, and shopping. Chinese lantern display, by creating unique night tourism landscapes, can improve the total economic volume of tourism and its peripheral products.

5. Chinese lantern display raises the visibility of the scenic spot

As the main force of tourism elements, lantern display not only fully stimulates the growth of the tourism economy but also helps to raise the visibility of scenic parks. It reflects the humanistic culture of the whole city, shows the tourists different urban cultural features, and enriches the tourism format.

There are many advantages for animal lanterns display to integrate into scenic park tourism, such as long-time cycle, rich content, and flexible form. We can balance the pace of tourism by tourists' time difference between day and night, which will not only bring new tourism elements but also improve the growth of the tourism economy.