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The Craftsmanship of Chinese Lantern Dragon

The Craftsmanship of Chinese Lantern Dragon

As the king of animals and dominater of wind and rain, dragon is a devine creature in the ancient Chinese myths. It is a symbol of status and auspicious sign, as well as one of the most representative traditional cultures for the Han nationality. There are various legends about the dragon. The dragon-shaped lanterns are particularly prevalent in the Spring Festival. Today Deyi holiday time lights manufacturer will introduce the production process to you.

Ⅰ. Various patterns of dragon lanterns

Although there is only one image of a dragon, there are many shapes of dragon lanterns. We need to refer to relevant information to make an authentic Chinese dragon lantern. The source of the popular dragon image is a totem complex with a snake as the main body. It has the body of a snake, the head of a pig, the horns of a deer, the ears of a cow, the whiskers of a sheep, the claws of an eagle, and the scales of a fish.

The holiday time lights manufacturer shall design the shapes according to the statistics. The craftsmen will get the design sketch and take the next step. Since the dragon head pattern is complicated, the craftsmen shall possess rich technical experiences.

Ⅱ. The production process of dragon lanterns

1. Ironwork forming the main frame of dragon lanterns

The Chinese dragon lantern has a main frame using 4mm iron wires, matched with 2-3mm wires as details. The layout of the iron wires shall follow certain rules, namely in regular spacing. It's important to note that the iron wires shall have no angle at 90 degrees, since the dragon has a smooth body instead of stiff shape.

2. How to install the internal bulbs in dragon lanterns

Directly use the special LED bulbs series from the holiday time lights manufacturer. No bulb can be put in the narrow spaces such as the beard, teeth and horns of the dragon. Please use neon tubes as supplement light, otherwise these narrow spaces are dark at night.

3. The technique of dragon scales

The first craft uses the special fish-scale fabric. This kind of fabric is suppressed by laser paper and cloth. It can be produced easily with folksy effect. The second craft welds the scales into a stereoscopic structure which leads to an exquisite design. Usually, the manufacturers of holiday lanterns will choose the first craft without special requirements.

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