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What Types of Custom-made Luminight Lanterns Are There?

What Types of Custom-made Luminight Lanterns Are There?

The customization of luminous lanterns began in China during the Tang and Song Dynasties, and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Many kinds of lights can be customized according to different places and customs. These lanterns not only have various shapes and colorful colors, but also express cultural content of specific themes. The custom types of luminous lanterns are as follows:

1. Small custom lanterns

Usually the height of this kind of luminous lantern is less than 5 meters, or the length is less than 3 meters. Also, the height is greater than 5 meters and less than 10 meters; or the length is greater than 8 meters but less than 6 meters.

2. Large custom lanterns

The height of the large lamp is greater than 10 meters but less than 30 meters; or the length of the lamp group is greater than 15 meters but less than 25 meters. This kind of lamp generally exists as the finale, and can only be seen on some special occasions.

3. Landscape custom lanterns

Landscape custom lanterns are lights displayed on land. This kind of luminous lantern is usually used as the main scene, important intersections and squares around the main exhibition area, for the purpose of decorating the environment. It is the most common type of luminous lantern customization.

4. Lighting custom lanterns

Common luminight lanterns are mostly made of LED type gypsophila, meteor shower and various lanterns. This kind of lamp is used to embellish the night scene, and is usually used to decorate street vegetation, building outlines or river water banks, emphasizing the characteristics of the lantern festival.

5. Custom lanterns for floats and boats

Floats and colored boats are another way to use luminous lanterns, and their craftsmanship is no different from ordinary lights. However, the advantage is that cars and ships are used as decorative carriers, and the luminous lanterns are customized and attached around the cars and ships. They are usually used for publicity activities.

6. Custom lanterns at the gate

Strictly speaking, the custom-made lantern on the gate belongs to the large-scale light-emitting lantern. But because it is used in many occasions, it is classified as a separate category. This kind of lanterns can be used to beautify scenes such as hotel gates, shopping mall gates, and scenic gates to enhance the atmosphere.

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