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What Are the Contents of the Environmental Protection System at the Production Site of the Lantern Festival?

What Are the Contents of the Environmental Protection System at the Production Site of the Lantern Festival?

Every year, the production of the Lantern Festival is a non-standard process, which will cause a large number of leftovers of materials. At the same time, due to the particularity of the production process, it has to be produced on site, which causes the inconvenience of environmental sanitation protection, but the environmental protection problem cannot be ignored. What should be included in the environmental protection system of the lantern festival production site?

Ⅰ. General principles of environmental protection system for Lantern Festival

The task of environmental protection is: comprehensively standardize the environmental protection requirements in the production site of the lantern festival, strengthen the environmental protection awareness of the producers, rely on modern technology, promote green production, and reduce environmental pollution and ecological damage.

Ⅱ. Environmental protection system for noise and dust at the Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival Lantern Festival production site should implement normal get off work and rest time, and try to avoid night work disturbing the people. The noise source equipment should be regularly maintained to keep the equipment running normally, so as to minimize the noise pollution. If it is necessary to polish the welding points of the steel frame, a spray-type device should be equipped to degrade the dust that appears, and it is strictly forbidden to spread it to the outside world.

Ⅲ. Treatment of toxic and harmful gases at the Lantern Festival site

Since the pasting process of the lamp fair requires a large amount of glue, there will be a small amount of toxic gas after volatilization. According to the on-site environmental protection system, an internal suction gas sewage filter should be placed around the production. And then discharge, so as to achieve effective prevention of gas pollution.

Ⅳ. Lantern Festival waste management system

1. Disposal of recyclable waste

Steel skeleton and wire waste, after the Lantern Festival is completed, the handyman in charge of the site will clean up the steel and wire waste left on the site, sort them and transport them to the waste dump for unified recycling.

2. Non-recyclable waste disposal

A large amount of fabric waste will be generated during the production of the lantern festival. The on-site environmental protection system must strictly prohibit the use of incineration. In view of this feature, the daily waste fabrics should be packed and transported to the garbage treatment plant for burial and degradation during the production process.

5. Disposal of domestic waste for Lantern Festival staff

The production of the on-site Lantern Festival requires a large amount of domestic waste from the staff. The resulting wastewater should be filtered and precipitated, and then the water should be discharged to the sewer, and finally the sediment should be uniformly degraded. The daily domestic waste should be placed in designated locations in accordance with local environmental protection regulations, and will be uniformly pulled back to the waste treatment plant by garbage trucks every day.

The production of the Lantern Festival is a treasure of Chinese culture. While enriching the cultural life of citizens, during the on-site production of the Lantern Festival, the environmental protection system must be strictly followed to minimize the pollution during the production process, making the Lantern Festival a beautiful landscape.

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