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What Are the Advantages of LED Light Engraving over Traditional Craftsmanship?

What Are the Advantages of LED Light Engraving over Traditional Craftsmanship?

As a new type of luminous body, the advantages of LED Chinese lanterns with light carving technology are not only novel in style, energy saving and environmental protection, but also many advantages that traditional craft lanterns cannot match. The following xinyi will analyze it for you. What are the advantages of LED light engraving over traditional craftsmanship?

1. LED glitter lanterns with light carving lights with variable colors

The LED light strip light carving process is no longer a traditional process. The color of the lamp is determined according to the color of the fabric. There are many light-emitting chips with different RGB color values inside the LED light strip, which can produce a variety of more realistic and bright colors.

2. The LED glitter lantern strip is easy to maintain

Most of the LED glitter lantern strips are made of national standard components, which have many advantages such as anti-overcurrent and overvoltage, anti-short-circuit and open-circuit protection, and anti-lightning strike. The function is more stable and the maintenance is easier.

3. LED glitter lantern with variable light color change

The color rendering rate of LED light strip light carving light strip is as high as 85, which is 3 times higher than that of traditional lantern production, and because the LED light strip is a lamp bead component, it can also achieve the effect of changing light and color, making it more vivid and lifelike.

4. The LED glitter lantern strip is safe and durable

Because LED light strips are generally low-voltage and encapsulated with soft resin, they are highly flexible, waterproof and heat-insulating. The light-carved lanterns made in this way are not only very durable, but also safer than traditional lanterns with a voltage of 220.

5. LED glitter lantern with long life

The lifespan of incandescent lamps generally used in lantern production is only 600 hours. If the climate temperature difference is large, the lifespan will be greatly reduced, while the lifespan of light sculptures made by LED glitter lanterns is 20,000 to 30,000 hours.

6. LED glitter lantern with no stroboscopic

The bulbs used in traditional lanterns have strobes, which are harmful to the eyes, especially the group of children who come to appreciate the lanterns. The LED lights are driven by constant current for engraving, without stroboscopic and without any damage to the eyes, which can well protect the eyesight of tourists.

7. LED glitter lantern strip saves electricity

LED strips rely on light-emitting lamp bead components, one lamp bead is 0.18 watts, and there are three types of 60 beads, 72 beads or 90 beads per meter. If calculated at 60 beads per meter, the power of the light strip per 20 meters is 216 watts. In contrast, it can effectively save energy by 70% compared with traditional lantern production.

8. LED glitter lantern with adjustable brightness

The voltage of the LED light engraving process can be set from 8OV to 240V. According to different usage occasions and different times, increase or decrease the voltage to achieve different brightness effects.

The LED glitter lantern with light engraving process also has many advantages. For example, it is loved and praised by many users because of its convenient handling. There is no need to worry about the damage caused by the handling of traditional lanterns, and it solves the problem that the industry is not widely applicable.

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