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The Production Process and Installation Method of the Lantern Fair Exhibition Company

The Production Process and Installation Method of the Lantern Fair Exhibition Company

As the festival is approaching, many places have quietly started to plan lantern fairs, but because it is a non-standard industry, there are no relevant process quality inspection standards. Often poor quality, ugly shape, dull color and so on. This actually has a lot to do with the production process and installation method of the lantern exhibition.

1. The production process of lantern exhibition

(1) According to the local customs and habits of the customer, fully combine the terrain and position, and design and draft the desired effect of the theme of the lantern fair. At present, the design of China Lantern Exhibition Company is divided into two forms: renderings and roaming animations, which are designed according to the different needs of customers.

(2) Draw construction drawings for the overall layout of the exhibition, including detailed graphic descriptions of the shape, structure, materials, craftsmanship, and dimensions of the lamps.

(3) According to the construction drawing, the artist will enlarge the outline of the lamp and draw it to the ground. The lamp is welded into a three-dimensional structure by using tools such as steel brazing and welding machines, using flexible and ductile metals as materials.

(4) Apply glue to the mounting cloth. Apply strong glue according to the structure of the steel frame. According to the color distribution of the renderings, stick different colors of satin color separation blocks on the steel frame. All steel frames should be glued and satin pasted to allow for full styling detail.

(5) After the gluing and laminating cloth is completed, color processing is also required. Artists need to use various painting tools to beautify and modify the details of the laminating cloth to make it more vivid.

2. Installation method of lantern exhibition

(1) Indoor installation: When used for interior decoration, the installation is very simple because it does not have to withstand wind and rain. Generally, the lantern exhibition company can directly fix the steel frame chassis with expansion screws during installation, and finally connect the power supply to use.

(2) Outdoor installation: Because outdoor installation will be exposed to wind and rain, if the steel frame chassis is directly placed on the ground in the traditional way, it will cause the chassis to rust over time. Some lantern exhibition companies will cover the steel frame chassis with cement to prevent rust.

(3) Hanging installation: Sometimes the exhibition is used for some special occasions, such as hanging in the air, and it can be fixed with a wire rope during installation. It should be noted that since the suspension has stricter requirements on the entire lamp structure, it is not recommended to use large-scale lamps hanging here to prevent accidents.

(4) Installation location: In principle, it should be installed in accordance with the pre-designed location of Lantern Exhibition Company. It is required that the wind rope must meet the requirements. The widest part of the light group on the road should not exceed the road to prevent vehicles from scratching.