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Introduction to the Classification of LED Chinese Lanterns

Introduction to the Classification of LED Chinese Lanterns

LED Chinese lanterns are simple and elegant, and have strong Chinese characteristics. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be equipped with LED lamp beads. The modern city must have a unique flavor when she is used to decorate it. The lanterns are lit up, the red light is shining, and the beaming beauty of the good time can be realized. In the eyes of Chinese people, red lanterns symbolize family reunion, prosperous career, prosperity, happiness, brightness, vitality, fulfillment and wealth, so everyone likes it. The big red led Chinese lanterns hang high, permeating the unique and rich cultural heritage of the Chinese nation! The lamps and lanterns of led Chinese lanterns are classified as follows:

1. LED spotlights in LED Chinese lanterns

LED spotlights are spotlights that use LEDs as light sources. Traditional spotlights use halogen lamps, which have low luminous efficiency, large power consumption and short service life. The long service life of LED spotlights and the monochromaticity of light emission form the support for the light distribution of spotlights.

2. LED downlight

LED downlight is a directional lighting fixture, only its opposite side can receive light, the beam angle belongs to spotlight, the light is concentrated, and the contrast between light and dark is strong.

3. LED ceiling light

The led Chinese lantern ceiling light is a new type of ceiling light designed and produced by using thermally conductive aluminum alloy and related structural technology. LED ceiling lights always use LEDs with low light decay as the light source to ensure their long life, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and other characteristics.

4. LED fluorescent lamps

The LED fluorescent lamp adopts bright white LED as the light source, and the shell is made of acrylic and aluminum alloy.

5. LED fiber optic lights

The fiber optic lighting system consists of a light source, a reflector, a color filter and an optical fiber. When the light source passes through the reflector, a beam of approximately parallel light is formed. Due to the action of the color filter, the light beam is turned into colored light. When the LED Chinese lantern beam enters the optical fiber, the colored light is sent to the predetermined place along the path of the optical fiber.

In addition, the lamps of led Chinese lanterns also have LED table lamps, which are characterized by high-power LED light sources, low energy consumption, no ultraviolet rays, no infrared rays and heat radiation; LED ceiling, which is characterized by the fact that led Chinese lanterns are installed in the room. internal. It has the advantages of less power consumption, long life and easy control

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