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How to Make Lantern Festival Lanterns?

How to Make Lantern Festival Lanterns?

1. Materials for making Lantern Festival lanterns

China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, as well as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other predominantly Chinese countries and regions, the Lantern Festival will be celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month (In Japan, the Lantern Festival is scheduled to be January 15th due to the cancellation of the lunar calendar) . On this day, the night is the climax of the festival, and the Lantern Festival lantern is an indispensable decoration for the festival.

In the Lantern Festival, making Lantern Festival lanterns is more suitable for the festive atmosphere. The simple Lantern Festival lanterns play a very important role in presenting the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival, at least let us instantly feel the happy feeling of the festival. When I was a child, the happiest thing about the holidays was to put on new clothes and new hats, running around the street to watch the lanterns! So how to make Lantern Festival lanterns?

The materials needed to make Lantern Festival lanterns are: 1 piece of red drawing paper and 1 piece of yellow drawing paper, 1 safety scissors, 1 stapler, 1 white latex or glue stick, and 1 red hair root. You can also prepare brushes, draw your favorite pattern on the drawing paper and then make it, or you can make it without drawing a pattern.

2. The steps to make Lantern Festival lanterns

Steps to make Lantern Festival lanterns: 

(1) Fold the red paper in half horizontally, and cut the red paper at equal distances from the fold with safety scissors. 

(2) Fold a small part of the yellow drawing paper horizontally and tear it off. Roll up the remaining drawing paper along the long side, and fix the opening with a stapler. In order to facilitate the operation of children, the stapler in this step can also be replaced with white latex or glue stick. 

(3) Coat the two long sides of the cut red drawing paper with white latex, and roll it around a yellow straight tube as shown in the figure below. 

(4) Paste a thin red paper strip to make the lantern handle, so that the Lantern Festival lantern is finished.