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How to Extend the Service Life of Outdoor Holiday Lanterns?

How to Extend the Service Life of Outdoor Holiday Lanterns?

The lifespan of custom lanterns has long been debated. But according to Deyi's experience, the outdoor service life of custom lanterns is generally 7-8 months in winter, while in summer, due to the hot and rainy weather, the life-span of custom lanterns is very short, and it will fade and weather in 3-5 months. How can the service life be extended?

1. Avoid strong winds to custom lanterns

The main reason for the short life of outdoor holiday lanterns is strong wind. Due to the special production process, it cannot resist wind well. Especially in the stormy weather in summer, once there is a 6-7 strong wind, there is a high probability that the custom lantern will be damaged. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life, first of all, the customized lantern cannot be placed in a position that attracts the wind.

2. Power circuit protection measures for custom lanterns

Generally custom lanterns are powered by 220V constant voltage power supply. Bad weather outdoors, unstable power supply or long-term overload will lead to continuous work under non-standard voltage, and the power supply circuit will age and cause short life. In order to prolong the service life, the protection of the power supply circuit must have an increase in the voltage stabilizer to automatically convert the voltage. Also, use conduit to protect the circuit. Outdoor holiday lanterns should avoid long-term sunlight and rain outdoors, which will affect the life of the lanterns due to aging.

3. Lightning protection devices for custom lanterns

Lightning protection is not necessary for use in winter, but it is very necessary for outdoor use in summer. Especially for lamps with a height of more than 10 meters, once they are struck by lightning, their service life will be greatly shortened, or even directly damaged. The most effective way to prolong the service life is to install a grounding type lightning protection device. The TN-S system should be used in the grounding form. In addition, a leakage protection switch should be installed in the electrical control box.

4. Prevent man-made damage to custom lanterns

If custom lanterns are used in some unattended outdoors, human damage is the root cause of the short lifespan. Curious people will not only tug on the lights, but even step on them. You can avoid artificial damage to the custom lantern by adding railings or setting up spacers, so as to prolong the service life.

5. Choose a suitable environment for custom lanterns

The environment can also affect its service life. In the northern region, the outdoor environment is a very big test for the life of the customized lantern. In summer, the wind and sand are dry and the air is dry. In winter, it is low temperature, rain and snow. As a result, it is easy to cause weathering and cracking on the surface of the custom lantern. If you want to have a long service life, it is more important to choose a suitable environment.

In addition, frequent moving of outdoor holiday lanterns will also damage the welding position of the internal steel frame. In order to prolong the service life, try to avoid moving it after the installation is completed.

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