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How to Distinguish the Quality of LED Christmas Lights?

How to Distinguish the Quality of LED Christmas Lights?

Because the threshold for entering the production of LED Christmas lanterns is low, many people in this project want to take a share. But an experienced person can still identify, from the appearance, can see the regular LED Christmas lanterns and analog LED Christmas lanterns manufacturers (referring to the products produced by hand work in rental rooms). Let's talk about how to identify their quality.

1. Check the solder joints of the LED Christmas lanterns

The LED Christmas lanterns produced by regular LED Christmas light manufacturers are produced by SMT patch process, solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, the solder joints on the LED Christmas lanterns are relatively flat, and the amount of soldering is not large. The FPC pads are extended to the LED electrodes. In addition, the fake LED Christmas lanterns type solder spot welding volume is uneven, and there are many points around the solder feet, and there will be different degrees of soldering iron tips, which is a typical sign of manual soldering.

2. Check the FPC quality of LED Christmas lanterns

FPC pressed copper and rolled copper are keywords for optimizing the protrusion of copper foil and copper plate. It can be observed at close range from the connection between the welding plate and the FPC. The rolled copper is tight, and the FPC groups are joined, and can be bent arbitrarily without showing signs of falling pads. Excessive bending of the copper plate will cause the pad to drop, and the maintenance temperature will be too high, which will cause the pad to drop.

3. Check the cleanliness of the surface of the LED Christmas lanterns

Assuming that the LED Christmas lanterns produced by the SMT process, the surface cleanliness is not good, and no impurities and stains can be seen. However, assuming that knockoff LED lamps produced by the hand soldering process will leave stains and cleaning marks no matter how cleaned, the surface of the FPC will contribute to the residual flux and tin residues.

4. Check the packaging of LED Christmas lanterns manufacturers

The popular LED Christmas lanterns will choose anti-static coil material board packaging, the same normal will be 5 meters in a roll or 10 meters in a roll, and then choose anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags to seal the appearance. The imitation version of the LED Christmas lanterns will choose to recycle the coil board because of cost saving, and then there is no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag. When you look at the coil board carefully, you can see that the appearance of the label has eliminated traces and scratches.

5. Look at the LED Christmas lanterns label

Regular LED Christmas lanterns maker bags and reels will have printed labels instead of printed labels. The replica version of the label is printed using the same standard and different parameters.

Also, see LED Christmas lanterns accessories, regular LED Christmas lanterns will be packaged in the box along with the instructions and lantern standard manual and will be installed along the way.

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