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How to Decorate LED Christmas Lantern Lights Outside Your House?

How to Decorate LED Christmas Lantern Lights Outside Your House?

The outdoor Christmas lanterns are one of the standards by which people judge your living environment. The following articale tells how to make an elegant environment with own style. And what's the best way to hang Christmas lanterns outside?

Ⅰ. Find right LED Christmas lantern lights

Make sure the Christmas lantern fit your architectural style. Is the outdoor building in a rural, Tudor, or Victorian style? Is it in a brief or mixed style? Whatever, the LED Christmas lantern lights bought from holiday time lights manufacturer must accord with your own style and that of your neighbors.

Ⅱ. Choose LED Christmas lantern lights and decoration areas

1. Before installation, check the personalised outdoor lantern carefully. Make sure that all the bulbs can work and the wires are intact before you take them up your ladder. Do not try to repair the worn wires. If you find some damaged cords, please replace the whole line, which will be much easier than fire fighting.

2. Put the power near the edge of the roof, for example in the hallway, because most houses have no power socket on the roof. You shall have at least one good outdoor wire which is compatible with the string light, and ensure the wire is durable.

3. Use the right tools. Use a reliable and solid ladder. If it is possible, find a helper. When install the outdoor LED Christmas lantern lights, you need to lift things often, place them carefully and fulfill the adjustments. One or two helpers will make your work much easier.

4. Install the fastener. Using preassemble hooks or firmware to fix the wires and bulbs will make installation. Place the firmware by regular spacing. The distance shall be the same as the little lights on the wire.

Ⅲ. Place LED Christmas lantern lights

Hang the lantern. From the power supply, along with the firmware, until to the desired position, hang the first one then next. Never place all the wires at once. If you connect more than three wires for one time, the power may overload and provoke a fire.

Recheck. When all is done, get down to the floor, open the lantern, and take a look by far. Check if the lantern is composed symmetrically, and ask others for a look. Then the arrangement for Christmas lantern is finished.