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Four Essential Materials for Making Glowing Lanterns

Four Essential Materials for Making Glowing Lanterns

The production of luminight lanterns is very popular in the cultural tourism market, but many users do not know much about the materials when purchasing, which leads to many detours. In fact, the most frequently used materials for luminight lanterns are four: steel frame, light bulb, cable, and cloth. How to choose the right material according to your needs?

1. Steel frame material of luminight lantern

The steel frame is a very important material for the production of luminight lanterns and is used in a large amount. Common steel frame materials include round tubes, rectangular tubes, angle steel, etc. The prices of these types of steel are similar. When choosing, it can be recommended to use angle steel as the main and rectangular tube as the supplement, so that the matching utilization rate is higher. For the production of some luminight lanterns, due to their small size and low requirements for firmness, the choice of steel frame materials can be more flexible. Angle steel and rectangular tubes are used as supporting steel frames, and iron wires are used as shapes around them.

2. Luminight lantern bulb material

Luminight lanterns, as the name suggests, lights are indispensable. When making, the light bulbs are connected in series and wound on the steel frame, and then the controller is connected, and finally the lighting effect of changing light and color can be achieved by programming. Commonly used bulb materials are incandescent and LED bulbs. Incandescent lamps are relatively power-hungry and easy to generate heat. The advantage is that they are easy to install and cheap. And LED bulbs have a long life and low power consumption. Due to the high power consumption of incandescent lamps, they have been gradually replaced by LED bulbs. In the production of LED glitter lantern in recent years, it has been difficult to see the appearance of incandescent lamps.

3. Luminight lantern cable material

If there are no specific requirements for the cable material, aluminum core wire will be used. According to the power consumption, BV1.5 square, BV2.5 square, BV4 square, BV6 square, and BV10 square are used the most. The BV1.5 square cable loads about 2400 watts, while the BV2.5 square cable loads about 4400 watts. These two cable materials are often used as internal traces. The size of BV4 square and above can be used as an external series line to make multiple luminight lanterns in series to control the switch.

4. Luminight lantern fabric

Cloth is the final step in making a glowing lantern. The choice of fabric is about longevity and aesthetics. Do not take the lowest price as the standard, but choose the most suitable one for you. Two kinds of fabrics with moderate price and medium life are recommended, namely satin and eight-beautiful satin. Satin looks a bit like satin in appearance, but not as dense as satin. It is characterized by double-sided texture, very good brightness and gloss, smooth touch and not easy to fade. The characteristics of eight-beautiful satin are that the light transmittance is very good, and the gloss can have the effect of imitation silk. And it has a smooth texture, does not accumulate water, and is cheap. Such a high cost-performance makes it very popular in light-emitting lantern making.

In addition, there are materials with high glue usage rate. This glue is a custom glue for luminight lanterns, which has the advantages of fast drying, strong adhesion, and good resistance to degumming.

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