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Five Maintenance Methods for Exhibition Lights of Holiday Time Lights Manufacturers

Five Maintenance Methods for Exhibition Lights of Holiday Time Lights Manufacturers

The holiday time lights manufacturers of holiday lights often encounter various unexpected fault during the exhibition. Although maintenance and repair do not require high technology, they do require a certain degree of professionalism, especially the basic knowledge of the lantern production. Here is an explanation of the five major maintenance and repair methods!

1. Maintenance of the cloth surface's damage of the festival lamp

Due to the special craftsmanship of the holiday time lights manufacturers, the outer surface of lamp is made of cloth, and it cannot withstand strong winds above level 6 in natural use. Therefore, once the cloth surface is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time, otherwise the internal wires will be exposed, which may give rise to safety hazards. For maintenance and repair, we only need to find a spare cloth of the same color, and then evenly spread the spare glue on the steel frame and wait for a few minutes, and then tighten the cloth and bond it to the steel frame.

2. Maintenance of damage in the bulb of festival lamp

The festival lamp adopts industry-specific LED bulbs, because the bulbs will inevitably have losses during use. Therefore, holiday time lights manufacturers generally put more bulbs in it. Therefore, even if 10% of the bulbs per month are damaged, it will not affect the lantern exhibition within half a year. If the bulb is damaged too much and needs to be replaced, choose a back side as the cutting position, and worker enters to replace the bulb, so that even if the bulb is repaired and no follow-up operation is performed, the visual effect will not be affected.

3. Repair of fractured steel frame of festival lamp

If the outdoor exhibition of festival lamp production encounters extreme weather such as strong wind or hail, the steel frame will break. If it is in an eye-catching location or a location with certain safety hazards, the steel frame must be repaired. The method is to tear off the cloth at the broken position and re-weld, and then re-maintain the cloth damage. It should be noted that the cloth is not fireproof. You must use cardboard to catch sparks when welding. Sparks can easily ignite the cloth, which is a taboo for colored lamps, because once a fire occurs, there is no remedy.

4. Festival lamps keep tripping

Many exhibitions encounter continuous tripping, that is, tripping immediately after switching on. This is because there is a short circuit in the bulbs from the holiday time lights manufacturers, and this problem cannot be avoided because it is impossible to test every bulb. In this case maintenance and repair are required. Be sure to find out the cause of the failure, whether it is caused by the external power supply or by the light bulb. If it is caused by a light bulb, you need to connect it to a large current, and the problem can be solved by instantaneously destroying the bulb with the internal problem. So you should choose a reliable holiday time lights manufacturer.

5. The cloth of festival lamps faded

Almost half a year after the exhibition, you will encounter the problem of the cloth's color fading, which usually happens to the top of the lantern under direct sunlight. This is inevitable because the cloth used by the holiday time lights manufacturers is not resistant to ultraviolet rays. If maintenance is required, the easiest way is to recolor it. Use acrylic paint to repaint the faded areas of the cloth.

A holiday time lights manufacturer, Guangzhou Deyi Culture and Arts Co., Ltd., reminds everyone that the cause of the failure must be identified when the internal circuit is maintained and repaired. If repairs are carried out hastily, the cloth problem is unlikely to be solved. Therefore, before repairs, professionals must be asked to find out the cause of the fault, so that the right method can be used to get twice the result with half the effort.