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Cartoon Animation Light Set on Festival Lantern Light Show

Cartoon Animation Light Set on Festival Lantern Light Show

The production of festive lanterns has a more popular advantage than the Lantern Festival lanterns. In terms of time, the Festive Lantern is in a low period for people to travel far away. Therefore, the popularity of festival lanterns will be more popular and the profit will be more substantial.

The advantages of cartoon animation light group:

Cartoon objects are very attractive to children. From a visual point of view, children are full of curiosity about cartoon objects, especially the colourful cartoon animation lights. The cartoon animation lamp group is aimed at children, who can use their talents. Harmonious colors encourage them to acquire creativity and discover their own abilities at an early age.

The design of lantern festival cartoon uses exaggeration, distortion, assumption, metaphor, symbolism and other methods to express things in real life with humour, wit and humorous artistic effects. Deyi is a reliable Chinese lantern company that has complete before-and-after sale services.

The manifestation of cartoon animation lamp group:

The expression form of the cartoon animation lamp group is relatively realistic graphics, and the prototype is reproduced in an exaggerated way. It is a creative technique with distinctive prototype characteristics. When designing the cartoon animation lamp set on the festival lantern light show, designers with relatively solid artistic skills can extract features from natural prototypes and re-express them with artistic techniques.

The production of cartoon animation light sets for holiday lanterns has quietly become a major focus of the lantern company, and several sets of cartoon animation light sets are produced every time the lantern is produced. The combination of cartoon and realism lights can be perfect. A light show without a cartoon animation light set cannot attract children's attention, and a light show without a realistic light set cannot attract the attention of adults, so don't ignore the cartoon animation light set when making colorful lights.

Cartoon Animated Lantern

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